Adult Christian Education


Spring Quarter 2019 Adult Education Classes

Taught by Don Fisher
Our study of John’s letters will take us to the study of Revelation (having already completed Jude). This final book of the Bible al-ludes to teachings of many Biblical books and letters which precede it. Though it may fascinate new believers, it is logically under-taken after studying all 65 books preceding it to assure greater understanding and guard against error. It is classified as “apocalyptic” and uses much symbolism as it conveys truth. It is Christ’s revelation to His Apostle John addressed to the seven churches of Asia Minor (in the Roman Empire). The symbolism throughout the book parallels Jesus’ use of parables when teaching. There is powerful imagery that may shock men and cause them to wake from their spiritual rest. This last book is a strong reminder to persevere in faith while rejecting false teachers and the world system. Throughout Scripture God’s people have been taught to love the Lord their God, not the world or the things of the world. Join us to work through Dr. Scott’s study of this final book of God’s Word.
The 16th Century Reformation of the Church
Taught by Wendell Hofman, Dennis Harville and Jim Denmark
Many committed and knowledgeable believers know little about the history of the church. As a result, they are missing a testament to Gods steadfastness over the centuries. In this class, noted church historian Dr. W Robert Godfrey will take us through the 16th Century by tracing the events and individuals that brought about a profound renewal of biblical Christianity and the birth of Protes-tantism. Amid intense resistance and some uncertainty, faithful and renowned Christian leaders like Luther, Calvin, Knox and others expressed a passion for the gospel and a renewed commitment to the authority of Scripture. Today we live in a world and worship in a church that has been profoundly shaped by events that occurred during the important time period. We will also probe whether the church is in need of another Reformation.
The Sermon on the Mount
Taught by by Jeff Asmann and Dan Burns
In the face of scorn and disbelief, Jesus Christ announced His kingdom. In the face of hatred and death, He demonstrated its pow-er. In this class, we will take a 12 week journey through one of the most famous sermons ever preached. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson will explain how the Sermon on the Mount equips us to live a kingdom life in a fallen world. This class will explore Christ’s exhortations to live counter-culturally, to examine the deeper implications of God’s law, and to rest in the knowledge of God as Father for the cure of all our anxieties and our only sure foundation.

Women’s Bible Studies

  • Tuesdays 7:00 pm
  • Wednesdays 10:00 am.
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 College & Career Class

Taught by Kevin Welmaker



8 Lessons From the Saints – Summer 2018 Taught by Various Teachers During this summer quarter we will look into the lives of several great Christians of the past to discover how God has used these individuals to bring glory to the Kingdom of God. The example of these godly servants can both strengthen and motivate our perseverance and diligence in serving God. These stories and their witness will inspire in you a similar passion for God in your life.

  • Martin Luther
  • Bernard of Clairvaux
  • William Wilberforce
  • William Tyndale
  • Billy Graham
  • Charles Simeon
  • John Owen
  • Jim Raburn
  • C.S. Lewis
  • John Bunyan
  • George Whitfield
Gospel-Centered World View Audio Links – Spring 2019
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