Lakemont is a member congregation, since 1985, of the
Presbyterian Church in America, (PCA).  Lakemont began as a mission church in 1946 and then organized in 1950. As a PCA congregation, we believe in the full inspiration of Scripture and attempt to preach the whole counsel of God and minister to the whole person.


Our Vision

To make disciples who are growing in Christ-likeness, knowledge of God’s Word, and commitment to kingdom service.


Our Purpose

To lead men, women, and children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow in Him and serve Him in the Church and in the world.


Our Message

Our message is the classical Gospel message. We preach and teach that sinners are forgiven and accepted by God because of the work of Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5:17). We stress that the Gospel is a power that can transform anyone and any place it touches. This forgiveness comes simply by the grace of God through faith and not by our own striving or achievement.

We also desire and want people to be surprised by how urgent and how penetrating the gospel is to their lives. The gospel isn’t about simply doing better or being nicer. It’s about a whole new life, a new object of worship. Once that foundational change occurs, every aspect of life is different. Jesus Christ is the Lord of all and we expect comprehensive transformation within our community, relationships, careers and neighborhoods.


Our Infrastructure

We are committed to the shared authority of a plurality of elders. Our session of elders forms the ruling body of the church, but they also provide servant leadership. The elders’ service is subordinate to the Word of God and it is primarily a ministerial role. Our session stands ready to assist any who desire to grow in Christ or find themselves in need.