Adult Christian Education


Fall Quarter 2019 Adult Education Classes

The Message of Creation
Taught by Don Fisher
Our next series of lessons from Scripture will be the mes-sage of creation. The analogy of buildings requiring foundations in order to stand or ideas having bases in fact in order to be believed, give us some idea of the importance of the Biblical account of creation. The creation account opens the reader’s journey into the truth of God as He reveals it. There are many key principles in the creation account which lay the groundwork for understanding who God is, why created things function the way they do, where life came from, why man is different from the rest of living creatures, why struggle and strife and death exist, and Who oversees, sustains, and restrains all things. Join us as we study this most important message following the teaching of Dr. Jack Scott.
The J-Curve – United With Christ
Taught by Dan Burns & Jeff Asmann
According to the apostle Paul, the pattern of Jesus’ life—death followed by resurrection—should also be the pattern of our lives. In 14 simple but deep lessons from Philippians 3, Paul Miller helps us recognize this “J-curve” pattern first in the life of the apostle and then in our own lives. United with Christ brings truths like justification by faith and union with Christ to life—inspiring worship, emboldening hope, and empowering love.
Hot Topics
Taught by Jim Denmark
We will be looking at three contemporary issues that face us as believers: the way our smart phone is affecting us; the gospel and dementia and gender issues and how to respond to them. Each issue presents personal, family and church-wide challenges; so come and join the discussion as we consider a biblical and personal response to what faces us today in our culture.

Women’s Bible Studies

  • Tuesdays 7:00 pm
  • Wednesdays 10:00 am.
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 College & Career Class

Taught by Kevin Welmaker


Gospel-Centered World View Audio Links – Fall 2019
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