Live & Connect in Community

Community Groups @Lakemont


In a culture that seems to be proliferating “connection” with each new “app” and “social network,” the need for face-to-face relating can all too often be overlooked. Community Groups at Lakemont seek to intentionally foster and facilitate face-to-face relationships within our community of faith. These groups seek to live out the love of Christ in one another’s lives; not only in their weekly meetings but also in various moments scattered throughout the week. Deep connections & relationships require investment, and when “quantity” trumps “quality” in the realm of relationships investment and true connection/relationship is among the first casualties. Community Groups at Lakemont seek to bring 8-12 adults (and any/all of their children) together to assist as they seek to live life alongside one another.

Community Groups are Word-centered (though not Bible Studies as traditionally conceptualized). They are Word-centered, because the people of God MUST be Word-centered. The goal is not a “study” but instead simply sharing life.

Community Groups are geographical. Groups meet in the homes of members of Lakemont, and they are strategically formed to connect the members of our community of faith with other members that live close by. This also encourages the community life of Lakemont to be lived in the neighborhoods where we live!

Community Groups are multi-generational. This does not mean that “every” generation is represented in each and every group, but instead that members of every generation are encouraged and welcomed into the life of any Community Group the Lord may provide for them through the CG ministry at Lakemont. This also means that children of all ages are encouraged to participate in the group life of their Community Group… precisely because it is “their” group as well.

Join a Community Group

We currently have Community Groups meeting in:

  • North Augusta (Tuesday PM)
  • Augusta/Martinez (Tuesday PM)


If you’re interested in visiting one of these gatherings, please contact Dave Vosseller (dave[at]


  • A ministry for those 60 & up.
  • Meets 2 Thursday’s a month @ Lakemont.
  • For more info contact the church office. (lakemontpca[at]





 Salt Shakers

This is an opportunity for Lakemonters to form & grow relationships around the dinner table.
  • Coordinated, quarterly meetings
  • See the flyer in the church foyer for sign-up
“And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts…”

Men’s Group

  • Meets Saturdays @ 8:30 am for breakfast, Bible study, prayer, fellowship & encouragement.
  • For more info, contact the church office. (lakemontpca[at]